Вики растения против зомби

Вики растения против зомби

Welcome to the Plants vs Zombies Mod Wiki!

Hello,and welcome to Plants vs Zombies mod wiki,in this wiki,you can post your moded plants,zombies,areas and more!

What you must and musn’t do:

  • Your Pictures and Screenshots musn’t be fake or stolen.
  • Don’t swear or cuss and say anything that is rude.
  • Don’t Spam for achievements.
  • DO NOT vandalize pages,Vandalizing a page causes you 1-3 weeks of blocking

Wiki Staff

Here are the admins of the wiki:

  • Dr Edgar Zomboss,creator,main admin.
  • Coffee BAM!,Admin,Rollback,bureaucrat
  • GatlingPeaz,Admin,bureaucrat,Rollback.
  • Chanieman,Admin,Rollback.
  • T050189,Rollback.
  • Durianpultz44,Admin,Chatmoderator,Rollback

Latest News

  • Zomboss is going to be free from school for a whole week!
  • Wikia Contributors can make pages and let registered contributors do the job!
  • Congratulations for Jeremy’s Adminship!

What’s New?

Источник: pvzmod.fandom.com

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